Family Dentistry

We perform standard preventative and diagnostic procedures, including cleanings, periodontal maintenance treatment, sealants and fluoride varnishes.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is one of the newer technologies of the dental office. A small sensor is placed in the patients mouth and, instantly, with up to 90% less radiation than non-digital, the x-ray is taken. The x-ray can be viewed immediately, under magnification, to help with diagnosing problems is a faster, safer manner. We also use lead aprons with thyroid collars.

Intra-Oral Photography

We have the ability to use a videocamera on a patient’s mouth and capture images of teeth and gums. This allows us to diagnose problem areas and view the images under magnification, helping to identify cracked teeth and broken fillings.

White Fillings

A white filling (composite) is a tooth colored plastic and glass mixture– the same color as normal teeth– used to restore decayed teeth.